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also spoke of the need for the quote unquote meaningful action to address these kinds of incidents but he offered no specifics. flags at the white house and the capitol building are flying at half-staff across and at every level of the sports world, moments of silence was observed. it is and will be a bitter hanukkah and christmas for america this 2012. patti ann and heather. >> so sad. james rosen live in washington. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with our continuing coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut. >> coming up next, a child psychologist joins us after the break with a look at what could have been going through the minds of those children trapped inside that school as the massacre unfolded. we'll be right back. >> in my mind i'm thinking as a 6-year-old, 7-year-old, what are your thoughts? i'm thinking that i have to parent. i have to tell them. i said to them i need you to know that i love you all very much and that it's going to be okay. because i thought that was the last thing they were ever going to hear. >> that teacher katelyn roig protected
leave pending further action. did you know that you can weigh in on government regulations? that is news to you, you are not alope. correspondent shannon bream tells us the comment period for input is getting shorter and shorter. >> if you don't pay attention to it, this is a whole part of the government that is operating secret otherwise. >> when congress passes a law, something massive as the 2 2,409 page affordable care tract is the beginning. they are given authority to issue regulation to spell out how the law will be enforced but not before giving the public a chance to weigh in. in 1993, president clinton called executive order to call on agencies to provide minimum of 60 days for public input. three new proposed regulation for obamacare assigned 30 days and will get 24. with the comment period set to end in the week between christmas and new year's. one of the regulation runs more than 400 pages. regulatory experts say it creates nearly impossible task. fully vetting the proposal and submitting in-depth comment by the deadline. >> very few people are aware that the regulatory pro
if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> this is a fox news alert. police say at least three people are dead, including the gunman, and multiple wounded after a gunman opened fire in a shopping mall some portland, oregon. he was wearing a camouflage outfit and a mask and fired off at least 670 shots. we are -- 60 shots. we are specking a news conference the bottom of the hour and will bring it to you when it happens. today marked a major legislative victory for republicans in michigan but it was also a significant defeat for big labor and that movement in a state where unions have long reigned supreme. not even a last minute campaign-style stop yesterday by the president of the united states itself was enough to halt the momentum behind the right to work movement. but liberals were out in full forced to following the loss. jesse jackson are demanding left wingers coast-to-coast rise up for a nationwide strike. that will really he
-day march on washington for jobs and justice. time for massive direct action to bring about the ship. >> all right. we are monitoring possible plans for such an event. no more details have emerged as of now but we will keep you posted. joining me to the reverend's comments and the events unfolding today, author of "suicide of a superpower." and clinton. guys, let's show what you happened on the state florida in michigan to the. they said there will be blood. watch this. >> and we are going to pass something that will undue 100 years of labor relations. and there will be blood. there will be repercussions. >> there will be blood. lanny davis, you are a pretty left wing, you are a liberal. i assume a pro-choice liberal. let me ask you this because this is what it comes down to to me. if you can force people, workers, to join the union, and you can force them to pay deuce that they don't want to take, join a union they don't want to join, tell me how that's not legalized theft? because i view that as stealing if you are going to force people, you are pro-choice, to do something they don't want
a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. in a defiant act against obama care the arts and crafts chain called hobby lobby is refusing to provide employees with healthcare that provides access to emergency contraception because it violates the religion beliefs of the company's own and they could now you face a fine of up to $1.3 million per day. on wednesday, supreme court justice sonia sotomayor denied the request for an injunction. she said the company may challenge the regulations in the lower courts. they will offer the health insurance just without the contraception coverage and while it continues the fight here with reaction, jordan seculo and tara is with us. do you believe in religious freedom? i know you do. >> i do believe in religious free tomorrow. i'm baptist and i certainly respect my religion as well as the rights of others. >> sean: and the right to practice religion should not be infringed i think i read that some place. that is all true, right? >> that is why it is g
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of unanswered questions that we are trying to figure out. what was the motive behind the guys action. granted he was a socio path. buthere is it always a spark and warning signs in everyone of these cases. right now the investigators and atf. they are trying to figure out where these guys got the ammunition from and weapons from why did he select this school and classroom? we are trying to figure out all of that now. >>> you don't have to be an investigator to peace together the fact his mother worked there and he killed his mother and went to the school. he suffered from personality disorder or perhaps tust -- autistic or medication maybe. we'll check in with medical experts later. >>> in my business and law enforcement area. you confront evil. he was the epitome of evil as timothy macveigh and berkowitz. they are creatures that shouldn't walk the earth. and these type of people, they are immune to right and wrong. they have no clue. >>> one last question. when a cop walks in and sees that, cops see a lot in the course of their career. >>> that's right. >>> this has got to be particularly traum
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. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> >> sean: a road trip with friends turned into a nightmare for ad or brave marine that behy served -- bravely served our countries in missions in afghanistan and iraq. he was enroute to costa rica. he was arrested for caring this antique shotgun that was owned by his grandfather. now, according to reports, jon hammar registered the guns with u.s. customs and border protection officials and was told when they crosses the border, he should do the same thing in mexico. it turned out not to be the case. on august the 20th when hammar tried to register the gun legally when he crossed the border, he was arrested and charged with carrying a deadly weapon and thrown in jail. here it is four months later and jon is sitting in a notoriously dangerous mexican prison. up until two days ago he has been chained to a bed. his parents have gotten phone calls in the middle of the night threatening to kill his son unless they wire money through western union. joining us are his pai
the terrorists who undertook this action and killed our people. that's in large part because we have no interrogation program because we are treating this like a law enforcement matter because the fbi is asking nicely to get access to the within person w be in custody in tunisia. but we have done nothing to bring anybody to justice for these murders. you know, this is a four-part scandal. it is a four-part coverup. the american people need to recognize how serious this is -- neither the president nor the secretary of state have given anybody a true or full accounting of what happened and what they knew and when they knew-- >>> what's next? >> that goes back to june 6. our consulate was bombed on june 6 and they didn't do anything about it. what bothers me as much as anything, we had four people down, killed and injured people, we didn't go in and get them. i want to remind the president, we don't fight horses and bay anettes. we have assets. we are the united states of america. we did not unleash our military to go in and save those people. despite what the president said, he did not
action with a spending cut bill, passed tonight that would stave off sequestration for a year. so the most important thing, sean, is that we have to look to senator harry reid and president barack obama and they have to own this economy, the debt, the deficit, the failures we have seen and we can't look to us. we have done regular order. we passed legislation and good policy. now the ball is in their court. >> sean: congresswoman, your reaction? would you have voted for it? >> no, i would not have. allen's exactly right. we passed the tax extender bill. we passed the sequestration bill to take care of those issues. the tax reform pathway was passed, all of this was done between may 5 and september 19. those bills have been on harry reid's desk since that time. they could have taken them up, amended, voted, gone to conference. this is a crisis of their making. leaders make choices and harry reid made a chase to not take those bills up and troy to push this to a crisis. in the house, the american people have said, that is not what we want. i have a lot of appreciation for speaker bo
to the department of labor sean. it will be very interest iting to see if they are going to take that action to try to collect. >> tara, why wouldn't you support the religious right and liberty of this company to follow its deeply held religious conviction and conscience? they are not against row riding health insurance but this to them is -- providing health insurance but this to them is immoral so now we will fine them $1.3 million a day and potentially put them out of business and people lose their jobs and you are okay with the government mandating that? >> i disagree with the whole premise of the argument. it is that this is some sort of abortion pill. that is simply not true. it is not an abortion pill. it prevents -- this is also about the contraception issue. >> you had your opportunity and i would appreciate the same kurtty. >> be clear in your facts. >> let me get them out and then i can be clear. >> sean: one at a time. >> thank you. what i'm saying is that i disagree with the prell mess of the argument. it is that this is an abortion pill. is not true. it prevents conception. and rememb
take action, are far more likely to get the most positive outcome. call this free government program for the option that's right for you. >> as the likelihood of going over the fiscal cliff becomes greater by the hour, what does it mean to you, the american taxpayer, and your wallet. we have broken down the most important things everyone must know if we do in fact go over the cliff. joining me is charles payne and --. >> i'm actually with brite-bart news, just to let you know. >> okay, i apologize. let's start with the basics. what does this mean for the average american if, in fact, december 31st comes and goes we go over the cliff? keri? >> first of all, it will be like a twilight zone for a lot of people in the middle class. it's almost like you will have a number of people who were trying to actually get into the upper income levels and then all of a sudden rod sterling is going to come along and say, yeah, guess what, you are rich, but you are going to lose everything. for one thing, we are going to see the -- we are going to see a number of people lose their jobs. about 3.4 mil
into action. they are working on the fiscal cliff bills. mr. reed, go to work. you have had years to lead this senate. go to work on that. >> i agree. and president obama -- >> and if we stick to our core presence pells. but i'm worried both sides will cave on principles and the real issue here is spending. it's a spending problem that is demonstrated by the debt ceiling issue that just came up. >> that's right. >> so where do we go from here, congressman gohmert? it's been put squarely in the senate in their hands. and we heard from harry reid today." he doesn't have any intention of moving forward. president at the last hour is reaching out finally to some republicans in the senate but they don't have the right to originate constitutionally spending bills from there. where do we go from here? >> either the senate will do their constitutional duty of taking a bill that originated in the house in dealing with this issue and pass their version of it. then it would go to a conference committee where a compromise gets worked out. harry reid is becoming the ultimate cliff diver here by saying
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)